Have a better picture.

With our Calibrate! app for Apple TV you can optimize the picture quality on you TV set or projector - and from version 2.0 even in 4K. The factory settings are made for the store, not for your home.

Now for only $1.99 on your Apple TV & Apple TV 4K

Clear instructions

You don't have to be an expert to get good picture quality.

Brightness control

Instructions and a test pattern for setting the most important setting, the ideal brightness.

Contrast control

Learn how to find the perfect contrast for your display.


Calibrate! tells you how to turn off overscan and has a test pattern to check it.

Sharpness control

The picture quality can suffer immensly from a bad sharpness setting. Learn how to avoid halos and double outlines.

At a glance

There is one test pattern which combines all other patterns. Ideal for a final check, because brightness and contrast work together.

The Fast Way to a Better Picture

Calibration quick and easy without the hassle - welcome to Calibrate!

Easy navigation

Clear instructions

Five Test patterns included

Made for Apple TV & Apple TV 4K

Calibrate! was made for your Apple TV. No more fiddling around with iPhone apps and AirPlay, because Calibrate! is a native app for your Apple TV.